particle physics

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    The Data That Threatened to Break Physics

    What does a rational scientist do with an impossible result?

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    Who Really Found the Higgs Boson

    The real genius in the Nobel Prize-winning discovery is not who you think it is.

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    This Shape-Shifter Could Tell Us Why Matter Exists

    Neutrinos can flit between states effortlessly, hinting at deep new physics.

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    10 Reasons Why You Can’t Live Without A Particle Accelerator

    Particle accelerators can make you healthy and wealthy.

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    Hearing Hadrons, and Doing Research by Ear

    Animation of data from collisions at the LHCCERN Several years ago, particle physicist Lily Asquith was hanging out with a few musician pals in London after a band rehearsal, doing impromptu impersonations of what she thought the various elementary particles might sound like, and encouraging the drummer to recreate them electronically. Another band member asked […]

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    Discovering the Expected

    In the search for subatomic particles, it helps to know what you’re looking for.

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    The Quirky Muon Just Might Spur a Physics Breakthrough—Again

    Folks in the Midwest may have been surprised to see a massive electromagnet being towed up the Mississippi River and driven through the flatlands of Illinois in July. The electromagnet was on its way from its original home at New York’s Brookhaven National Laboratory to Fermilab, near Chicago. In 2016 it’s scheduled to be the […]