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    We Don’t Have to Despair

    Medical research director Eric Topol sees light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel.

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    No Country for Old People

    The COVID-19 death rate in Sweden has exposed worldwide bias against the elderly.

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    Straight Talk About a COVID-19 Vaccine

    There are many challenges to developing a vaccine that will be successful against COVID-19.eamesBot / Shutterstock Wayne Koff is one of the world’s experts on vaccine development, the president and CEO of the Human Vaccines Project. He possesses a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges along the road to a safe and effective vaccine […]

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    Can a Battery of New COVID Tests Stem the US Debacle?

    Medical testing has been a Pearl Harbor. But the war could be won.

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    How Genetic Mutations Turned the Coronavirus Deadly

    Tracing the path of a pandemic.

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    The Good and Bad News from a Coronavirus Pandemic Model

    An alarming warning from experts before the real outbreak.