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    How to Teach Science with Sugar and Cream

    High school teachers are bringing ice cream into the lab.

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    How to Build a Search Engine for Mathematics

    The surprising power of Neil Sloane’s Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences.

  • MONIAC American machine diagram

    The Rube Goldberg Machine That Mastered Keynesian Economics

    While researching my soon-to-be-released biography on John Horton Conway, an iconoclastic and very influential mathematician at Princeton, I organized a research trip to his native England. We visited with Conway’s elder sister, Joan, in Liverpool, and convened a reunion at his alma mater, Cambridge. We met there with a few of his “sum chums,” his co-authors […]

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    In Mathematics, Mistakes Aren’t What They Used To Be

    Computers can’t invent, but they’re changing the field anyway.