spark of science

  • Backman_HERO

    Spark of Science: Jon Beckmann

    The conservation ecologist discusses the plight of animals in a human-dominated landscape.

  • Spark-Pringle_HERO

    Spark of Science: Rob Pringle

    The Princeton ecologist tells us about the scientists who inspired his work.

  • Becking-HERO

    Spark of Science: Lisa Becking

    A marine biologist talks about the wonders of hidden lakes.

  • Poole_HERO

    Spark of Science: Joyce Poole

    The elephant researcher tells her story.

  • Spark_Dijkgraaf_HERO

    Spark of Science: Robbert Dijkgraaf

    The director of the Institute for Advanced Study on the wonders of his childhood attic.

  • Mingarelli_HERO

    Spark of Science: Chiara Mingarelli

    How stars and UFOs set one astrophysicist on her path.

  • Spark_Carroll_HERO4

    Spark of Science: Sean B. Carroll

    One biologist’s love for science got kickstarted by snakes.

  • Pavlus_HERO-F.

    Spark of Science: Childhood Discovery

    Kirk Johnson’s mom gave him 5 minutes at a rest stop. It was enough to find an arrowhead.