string theory

  • holographic principle_HERO

    New Evidence for the Strange Idea that the Universe Is a Hologram

    One of the great mysteries of modern cosmology is how our universe can be so thermally uniform—the vast cosmos is filled with the lingering heat of the Big Bang. Over time, it has cooled to a few degrees above absolute zero, but it can still be seen in the faint glow of microwave radiation, known […]

  • Henderson_HERO2-offWH

    The Admiral of the String Theory Wars

    After a decade, Peter Woit still thinks string theory is a gory mess.

  • Merali_HERO

    In Search of Time’s Origin

    What happened before the Big Bang?

  • fsr_060413_cosmic-radiation

    Universal Remoteness: What the Multiverse Means About Us

    Our Universe is vast and mostly empty. Even if many of the billions of planets we suspect are out there have life, most of the cosmos is uninhabitable, and those worlds are unreachable by any means we know. That’s just within our galaxy, which is one of about 100 billion in the part of the […]

  • FSR_Copernicus

    An Overdose of Copernicus? Our Universe Might Yet Be Special

    The mediocre universe… Depending on how you look at it, that is either a term of derision or an interesting, mind-warping concept. Cosmologists who are enamored of the theory that there are many, or perhaps infinite, universes like to look at our cosmic home and call it average, boring, run of the mill, vanilla. They […]