• swordfish hero

    Unlikely Story: The Swordfish With a Nose Ring

    A few weeks we asked you for your most unlikely stories—the kinds of things that make you scratch your head and think, “What are the chances?” Last week we published a birthday coincidence. Here’s another one of our favorite stories, this one submitted by Dan Clem. For seven weeks in the winter of 2003 I […]

  • sailboat

    Tell Us Your Astonishingly Unlikely Story

    Everybody has that one story they tell. That one incredibly unlikely thing that, had it not happened to them, they might not even believe. They found the only other person on a deserted mountain in China, and it was a long-lost friend from high school. They escaped being struck by lightning only because they dropped […]

  • Paulson_HERO_1280x376

    Monsters, Marvels, and the Birth of Science

    How the unlikely and unexplainable, strange and terrifying, spawned the age of science.

  • Zeldovich_HERO_1280x376

    Mind-Control Helicopters and the Healing Power of Poop

    Five unlikely breakthroughs in medical science today.