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We view our work at Nautilus as play in the fields of science. We love nothing better than to usher you into narratives that take you on a trip through the splendors of nature and try to explain the mysterious ways of the strangest inhabitant on the planet, the humans. We choose carefully what stories we tell, searching for ones with vantage points that surprise and delight and edify.

In our forays into the vast worlds of science, we encounter amazing things that remain in our notebooks because they don’t fit the story we set out to tell. So we have a plan. We’re going to bring you short stories from the frontiers of science that ignite our enthusiasms and we bet yours, too.

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So welcome to The Porthole: Short Sharp Looks at Science. It is a weekday log of fascinating news, shrewd reviews, dazzling images, and spirited interviews. All the points of view we dare to bring you in our narrative articles and essays will be here, only they will be more snapshots than panoramas. But in every way The Porthole will be the quiddity of Nautilus, stories and images versed in rigorous, beautiful facts.

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