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We recently asked you to share your most unlikely stories—the kinds of things that make you scratch your head and think, “What are the chances?” Here’s one of our favorite stories submitted by readers so far, submitted by a Nautilus reader who wishes to remain anonymous. (We’ll call him “Mateo.”)

I was in the telecommunications business. My attorney invited me to Houston to meet one of his clients, a company with two owners who were friends, named Mike and Mike. I was not really interested in travelling to Houston at that time as it was my birthday, July 20th, and Houston can be downright uncomfortable. But I relented as the timing of all of our schedules would not allow us another opportunity until many weeks later.

I arrived in Houston on my birthday, in the late morning just in time for our lunch meeting. I was picked up by my attorney at the airport and we met both Mikes at the restaurant where our lunch meeting was to take place. We all gathered around the table and sat. The waitress came over and said, “I understand it is somebody’s birthday?” Both Mikes looked at each other with amazement and said,“How does she know it’s OUR birthdays?” They asked our mutual attorney if he told the wait staff anything. His response was, “I told the hostess that it’s Mateo’s birthday.”

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Turns out three of us all had the same birthday, July 20, the day of the meeting.

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