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    We Can Be Heroes

    The transformative power of seeing your life as a hero’s journey. A reporter’s eyewitness account.

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    New Exoskeletons Will Harness the Subtle Anatomy of Human Balance

    The bones and bodies of the Kenyan women had adjusted to perfectly support the head weight in the most energy efficient manner, aligning in an ideal formation to keep the weight off the muscles.Photograph by Kim Steele / Getty In the 1980s, a bioengineer named Norm Heglund was doing field work in Kenya, hoping to […]

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    Why Joel Osteen, “The Smiling Preacher,” Is So Darn Appealing

    It’s hard to quantify charisma, but by any measure Joel Osteen has some pretty impressive stats. Every week, the man some call “The Smiling Preacher,” draws an estimated 43,500 individuals to his Lakewood Church, which he moved into a former professional basketball stadium just off Houston’s Highway 59 in 2005. Osteen’s weekly sermons are beamed […]

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    The Anatomy of Charisma

    What makes a person magnetic and why we should be wary.

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    The Perfect Wave Is Coming

    Surfers have dreamt it—now engineers are delivering.

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    The Immortality Hype

    Despite the hyperbole, private funding is changing the science of aging for the better.

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    Why We’re Patriotic

    Whether it’s our country or our football team, we need to belong.

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    What Technology Can’t Change About Happiness

    As pills and gadgets proliferate, what matters is still social connection.

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    Bring Us Your Genes

    A Viking scientist’s quest to conquer disease.

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    The Impossible Physiology of the Free Diver

    The amazing underwater athletes are rewriting the science of the body.