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    An Open Letter to Telescope Protesters in Hawaii

    Why astronomy on Mauna Kea is not a desecration but a duty.

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    To Predict Turbulence, Just Count the Puffs

    These tiny swirls of fluid live, die, reproduce, and spark turbulence.

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    How Does Turbulence Get Started?

    The high stakes of solving one of science’s most obstinate problems.

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    Found: The World’s Favorite Number

    Ecelop via Shutterstock Go ahead, admit it. Like a lot of people, you have a favorite number. Nautilus Members enjoy an ad-free experience. Log in or Join now . Maybe you’re not as extreme as Sheldon Cooper, the arch-nerd character on television’s Big Bang Theory, who loves the number 73: “73 is the 21st prime […]

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    The Pasta Theory of Memory & Your Personal Beginning of Time

    “[mother’s day memories]”kyle post via Flickr under Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0) license In the beginning, my mother is carrying me in her arms as she closes a screen door. I remember her humming as she walks along, and then she sits down on a bench that is surrounded by greenery. That’s all that is […]

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    A Formula That Shows How to Cheat & Triumph at Tournaments

    Gryffindor and Slytherin are about to play their annual badminton match. The best players from each house are supposed to face off on court one, the second best on court two, and so on. Slytherin’s coach knows that Gryffindor will put their players on the right courts, in order of their skill, because Gryffindors are […]

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    Literature by the Numbers

    Critical reading gets even better when you use your computer.