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    Aging Is a Communication Breakdown

    Genes that can’t express themselves may be hallmarks of cancer.

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    Frankenstein in the Age of CRISPR-Cas9

    Despite the awesome progress of science, we will never be free from the circular discussions of who we are.

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    This Man’s Immune System Got a Cancer-Killing Update

    William Ludwig was a 64-year-old retired corrections officer living in Bridgeton, New Jersey, in 2010, when he received a near-hopeless cancer prognosis. The Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania had run out of chemotherapeutic options, and Ludwig was disqualified from most clinical trials since he had three cancers at once—leukemia, lymphoma, and squamous […]

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    Cancer Isn’t a Logic Problem

    A year ago, Joe Biden launched his “cancer moonshot,” a major national push to improve the prevention, detection, and treatment of cancer, a plan that was widely recognized to be incremental. “I believe that we need an absolute national commitment to end cancer as we know it,” Biden said while he was on his tour to cancer […]

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    Gene Editing Must Reckon With the Unforeseen

    Almost exactly a year ago, I attended the International Summit of Human Gene Editing at the National Academy of Sciences. It was organized in part by Jennifer Doudna, arguably one of the inventors of Crispr-Cas9. It’s a new biotech tool—cheap, easy to use, and reliable—that allows thousands of scientists around the world to modify genes […]