Jonathon Keats

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    A Revolution in Time

    Why clocks need to follow the tempo of nature.

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    Toys Are the Future of Philosophy

    Playthings shouldn’t confine kids but allow them to ask, What if?

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    Philosophy Is a Public Service

    I design thought experiments to provoke dialogue about who and what we want to become.

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    When Driver and Car Share the Same Brain

    An artist teams with an automaker to counter driverless cars with neuroscience.

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    Let’s Play War

    Could war games replace the real thing?

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    The 315-Year-Old Science Experiment

    How counting sunspots unites the past and future of science.

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    A Lexicon of Light

    Since the universe formed, photons have affected everything.

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    20 Ways to See the Light

    The meaning of light through history in science, religion, philosophy, and culture.

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    Famous for Being Indianapolis

    How cities are like Kim Kardashian.

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    When Photographers Are Neuroscientists

    Artists who manipulate photos capture the ambiguity—and beauty—of vision itself.