Matthew Sedacca

  • What Medicine Is Learning from Animals That Resist Cancer

    Beating cancer might come from animals that evolved defenses against it.

  • Why the Ethical Rules of Human-Subjects Research Need a Fresh Look

    A revised law could prevent another Henrietta Lacks situation.

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    How Identity Ages

    It’s not just our flesh and bones that change as we get older.

  • To a Cigarette Maker, Your Life Is Worth About $10,000

    Why most of the tobacco epidemic remains in our future.

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    Meet the South Pole’s Dark Matter Detective

    Reina Maruyama wasn’t expecting her particle detector to work buried deep in ice. She was wrong.

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    The Multiverse Is an Ancient Idea

    Turns out, we've been debating the notion of infinite worlds for millennia.

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    What Military Theory Tells Us About Future Space Warfare

    What is it good for?

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    Is This Planet Occupied?

    Life on other planets will likely have these telltale signatures.