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    The Most Beautiful Science of the Year

    The best things we learned at Nautilus in 2022.

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    The Day Feynman Worked Out Black-Hole Radiation on My Blackboard

    It’s the idea Stephen Hawking would become famous for a year later.

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    What If the Universe Didn’t Start With the Big Bang?

    Last week, researchers using the Planck spacecraft to study the skies announced that the polarization of light spotted by the BICEP2 experiment could be entirely explained by dust swirling around the Milky Way. This news was a bucket of cold water on the theories of many cosmologists: It meant that BICEP2 might not have been […]

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    Join Nautilus Live—Get the Truth About Sun Exposure

    Join us at noon on Monday, June 9, when editor in chief Michael Segal will host a live video chat with award-winning journalist and NYU professor, Jessica Seigel about her latest Nautilus piece, “America Is Getting the Science of Sun Exposure Wrong.”There are two ways to participate. You can send us your questions before the […]

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    Curl Up With Nautilus

    Own it forever. For $4 a month.

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    Where Could You Find the Best Surfing in the Universe?

    As recently as the late 80s, finding a planet orbiting another star seemed like the stuff of sci-fi fantasy, about as realistic as a diminutive alien riding a flying bicycle, or a sports car that worked as a time machine. Thanks to many smart astronomers using a new generation of powerful telescopes, we now know […]

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    The Remarkable Philosophy of the TV Show “House”

    In his essay for “Uncertainty,” the second issue of Nautilus, David Deutsch explains why you can never be entirely sure that a thought is undoubtedly correct. Despite that, he says we can still learn true things about the world, and that information be used in important pursuits like medicine.In the clip below, Deutsch identifies someone […]

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    Graphing Human Uniqueness

    Nautilus readers vote on what they think makes humans special.