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    Osmos, a Physics Game Where It’s Survival of the Fattest

    A screenshot from Osmos showing the player’s mote bright blue mote surrounded by smaller blue bubbles, which you can eat, and larger red blobs, which can eat you. In an era when fashion demands thinness, the video game Osmos, in which the goal is attaining ever greater levels of corpulence, stands as a rare exception. […]

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    Will Fusion Energy Ever Come Together?

    It may well make more sense to improve an already proven technology—fission.

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    Steal a Skull, Understand a Genius

    Can you match the skulls of Schubert, Haydn, and Beethoven with the musical style of its owner?

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    Ingenious: Daniel Wolf Savin

    Illuminating the birth of the stars.

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    Why Is the Merger Called Mayonnaise Loved—& Hated—so Deeply?

    While a strong trend in the culinary arts has been to let individual, natural ingredients shine through, one food has quietly come to dominate the retail market by merging a group of incongruous ingredients together. Mayonnaise, that familiar white goop hiding in your sandwich and coleslaw, is officially the most valuable condiment in the nation. […]

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    The Great Bioterror Threat Is Modern Society

    E. coli that tested positive for NMD-1 growing in a petri dish. The sample came from a 67-year-old man in India. Nathan Reading via Flickr After the attacks of September 11, 2001, and the subsequent anthrax mailings, the United States government started taking the possibility of biological terrorism very seriously. It spent billions of dollars […]