• IVF embryo selection

    The Slower, Gentler Version of IVF

    Microscope image showing selection of an embryo for IVFScience Photo Library – ZEPHYR via Getty Images For women who have trouble conceiving, being told they’ll need assistance is often accompanied with a sense of dread: what they hoped would be a natural, quick, and inexpensive process (what’s cheaper than natural conception?) can change into a […]

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  • NOAA February temp anomaly

    Wild-Winter Whodunnit—Climate Change Over the U.S. With a Slow Jet Stream?

    This map produced by NOAA shows the land-surface temperature anomaly: how the temperature deviated from normal, on average, over the month. The darkest red areas were 12 degrees Celsius (22 degrees Fahrenheit) above average, while the darkest blue areas were 12 degrees Celsius below average.NOAA A question hangs like a cloud over the deeply weird […]

  • Bang_HERO_3

    A Photographer Who Tinkers with Time

    How Adam Magyar slows down in the most impatient places.

  • Piore_HERO5

    The Impossible Physiology of the Free Diver

    The amazing underwater athletes are rewriting the science of the body.

  • Gallagher_HERO-2

    Jupiter Is a Garden of Storms

    Why the Great Red Spot refuses to die.

  • Keats_HERO-7

    The 315-Year-Old Science Experiment

    How counting sunspots unites the past and future of science.

  • Eichelberger_HERO

    Whiskey Can’t Hide Its Age Either

    Anxious distillers are trying to make bourbon old before its time.

  • Schultz_HERO-3

    The Gravekeeper’s Paradox

    People want permanent tombstones that also show decay.

  • Sussman_HERO-2

    What a 9,000-Year-Old Spruce Tree Taught Me

    How photographing the world’s oldest living things pushed me outside the boundaries of science.