• Honing_HERO

    What Makes Music Special to Us?

    Clarifying the differences between what animals and humans hear.

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    Forget Everything You Think You Know About Time

    Last April, in the famous Faraday Theatre at the Royal Institution in London, Carlo Rovelli gave an hour-long lecture on the nature of time. A red thread spanned the stage, a metaphor for the Italian theoretical physicist’s subject. “Time is a long line,” he said. To the left lies the past—the dinosaurs, the big bang—and […]

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    Galaxy Simulations Offer a New Solution to the Fermi Paradox

    Reprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine’s Abstractions blog. As far as anyone knows, we have always been alone. It’s just us on this pale blue dot, “home to everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of,” as Carl Sagan so memorably put it. No one has called or dropped by. And yet […]

  • Gallagher_HERO

    The Well-Meaning Bad Ideas Spoiling a Generation

    Psychologist Jonathan Haidt on politics, morality, and the coddling of the American mind.

  • Dobraszczym_HERO_FULL

    How Imagination Will Save Our Cities

    Scientists might need to take a cue from artists to adapt our cities for climate change.

  • Parkin-HERO2

    How Designers Engineer Luck Into Video Games

    The responsibilities and challenges of programmed luck.

  • Velasquez-Manoff_HERO

    Hallucinogen Therapy Is Coming

    How shrooms can spring people from fears and destructive habits.

  • Berreby_HERO

    Cloudy With a Chance of War

    His weather forecasts changed the world. Could his predictions of war?

  • The_Cosmopolitan_Ape_1280x376.jpg

    Empathy, Morality, Community, Culture—Apes Have It All

    Primatologist Frans de Waal takes exception with human exceptionalism.