artificial intelligence

  • Why AI Needs a Genome

    AI could learn and adapt like humans with algorithms that work like genes.

  •  Davies_neuronBlog

    Why AI Lags Behind the Human Brain in Computational Power

    It might be more accurate to think of many of the brain’s 10 billion neurons as being deep networks, with five to eight layers in each one.

  • Jern_HERO

    The Intelligent Life of Droids

    If robots can be devious, self-righteous, and expressive, why not sentient?

  • Millière_HERO

    Welcome to the Next Level of Bullshit

    The language algorithm GPT-3 continues our descent into a post-truth world.

  • Schneider_HERO

    Could an AI Be Immortal?

    Data is under attack and uploads his brain. Does he survive?

  • Ord_HERO

    Superintelligent, Amoral, and Out of Control

    AI is no longer playing games. Are we prepared?

  • Lovelock_HERO

    Gaia Will Soon Belong to the Cyborgs

    The father of the Gaia principle on the coming age of hyperintelligence.

  • Schneider_HERO

    It May Not Feel Like Anything To Be an Alien

    Humans may have one thing that advanced aliens don’t—consciousness.

  • Clayton_HERO

    How to Predict Extreme Weather

    Climate science is forging a more perfect union between humans and machines.

  • Schneider_HERO

    Would You Survive a Merger with AI?

    The cost of brain enhancement may be your identity.