cognitive science

  • Pinker_HERO

    It’s Not Irrational to Party Like It’s 1999

    Contrary to what the philosopher said, passion can be a slave to reason.

  •  Paulson_HERO

    Consciousness Is Just a Feeling

    With help from Freud, this neuropsychologist locates consciousness in choice.

  • Henrich_HERO

    Martin Luther Rewired Your Brain

    How mass literacy, spurred by Protestantism, reconfigured our neural pathways.

  • berger_HERO-F

    A Clash of Perspectives on Panpsychism

    What panpsychism does—and does not—explain about consciousness.

  • OConnor_HERO

    There’s No Homunculus In Our Brain Who Guides Us

    Why the cognitive-map theory is misguided.

  • Magic_HERO

    A Magician Explains Why We See What’s Not There

    Our brain is constantly picturing what the future should be.

  • Lewis_HERO-1

    Bias in the ER

    Doctors suffer from the same cognitive distortions as the rest of us.

  • Alan Turing sculpture Bletchley Park Stephen Kettle

    Goodbye, Turing Test; Bring on the Turing Decathlon

    A statue of Alan Turing by sculptor Stephen Kettle made entirely of pieces of slate. The statue depicts Turing working on an Enigma machine, which the Nazis used to encode messages, and is located at Bletchley Park, the British-government site where Turing and colleagues did their code-breaking. Photo by Richard Gillin via Flickr How many […]

  • Erard_HERO

    Secret Military Test, Coming Soon to Your Spanish Class

    A powerful, precise language aptitude test is entering civilian life.

  • Slingerland_HERO

    Trying Not to Try

    Modern science and Chinese philosophy tell us similar stories about how we think.