• Hirsch_HERO

    The Idea of Entropy Has Led Us Astray

    Let’s stop hustling as if the world is running toward disorder.

  • Vince_HERO

    The Superorganism That Created the Pandemic

    A spotlight on the species that dominates the global ecosystem.

  • placeholder

    The Problem with the Way Scientists Study Reason

    Psychologists studying reasoning extensively rely on logic and philosophy, and neglect psychology’s more natural ally: biology. Portrait of Luca Pacioli (1445–1517) with a student (Guidobaldo da Montefeltro?) / Attributed to Jacopo de’ Barbari / Wikicommons In March, I was in Paris for the International Convention of Psychological Science, one of the most prestigious gatherings in […]

  • VanHorn_HERO-F

    This Is Urban Wildlife Biology

    Minks in TV graveyards, and other stories of Chicago’s hidden animals.

  • Chapman_HERO-3

    The Woman Who Gave Us the Science of Normal Life

    Before Rachel Carson there was Ellen Swallow Richards, MIT’s first female student.

  •  Egan_HERO-2

    The Cancer of the Great Lakes

    Mussels are devastating a unique ecosystem.

  • Spark-Pringle_HERO

    Spark of Science: Rob Pringle

    The Princeton ecologist tells us about the scientists who inspired his work.

  • chytrid fungus spore

    How “Useless” Science Unraveled an Amphibian Apocalypse

    One spring day in 1984, Joyce Longcore got a phone call from Joan Brooks, a biologist at the University of Maine. Brooks had received a National Science Foundation grant to study the interactions of fungi and bacteria in peat bogs. She needed a hand, and she heard through the grapevine that Longcore knew a bit […]

  • Smith_HERO

    The Queer Ecology of the Colombian Civil War

    Meet the transgendered ecologist helping her country move past years of conflict.

  • Wohlleben_HERO-1

    The Harsh, Hidden Lessons of Tree School

    Tree education is full of tearing and screaming.