• E.O. Wilson Saw the World in a Wholly New Way

    “Did you like the grenade I tossed in their midst?” the biologist asked me.

  • Khan_HERO

    The Human Family Tree, It Turns Out, Is Complicated

    How the story of human evolution continues to branch out.

  • Barash_HERO

    Life Beyond Human Has to Play by the Rules

    A zoologist explains why complex life anywhere depends on natural selection.

  •  Kershenbaum_HERO

    How Intelligent Could Life Be Without Natural Selection?

    Don’t be surprised if alien life forms are a lot like us.

  • Krakauer_HERO

    Playing Go with Darwin

    New research elevates evolution from a tactical process to one of strategic possibility.

  • Hirsh_HERO

    The Human Error Darwin Inspired

    How the demotion of Homo sapiens led to environmental destruction.

  • Barash_HERO

    Just Because It’s Natural Doesn’t Mean It’s Good

    We are well advised to not lose track of evolution’s dark side.

  • Hirsh_HERO

    The Price of Life Is Death, but Sex Improves the Exchange Rate

    Calculating the evolutionary success of Homo sapiens.

  • Murch_HERO

    Why Birds Can Fly Over Mount Everest

    A story for my grandchildren about oxygen, evolution, and our planet’s fate.

  • placeholder

    Do Butterflies Challenge the Meaning of Species?

    Hybridization, it turns out, plays a pivotal role in how life forms evolve. The tree of life may never look the same.Photograph by sezer66 / Shutterstock What is a species? It’s a question that has agonized scientists since well before Darwin. With some exceptions, the thinking has landed on an evidently firm reproductive barrier: Members […]