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    Butterfly Wonk Robert Pyle Pens His First Novel 44 Years in the Making

    Ecologist Robert Michael Pyle’s imaginative treatment of the nonhuman world—he includes a butterfly and a mountain among his cast of characters—is both a surprise and perhaps a natural result of his artistic development.Counterpoint Press The acclaimed author, naturalist, and ecologist Robert Michael Pyle has been investigating the butterfly for about 60 years. In that time […]

  •  Dalton_HERO

    An Rx for Doctors

    A new psychology of control.

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    World’s Oldest Fossils Now Appear to Be Squished Rocks

    Reprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine’s Abstractions blog.In August 2016, a research team claimed to have unearthed evidence of life in a remote outcrop of 3.7-billion-year-old rocks in Greenland. This bold claim not only pushed back the origin of life by at least 220 million years, it also added to a growing body of evidence that challenged the standard story of […]

  • Barabasi_HERO

    The Problem with Scientific Credit

    Our algorithm said a courtesy driver should have won the Nobel Prize.

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    We Are All Bewildered Machines

    Bewilderment is the antidote to scientific reductionism.

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    A Eulogy for a Cow

    How commodified animals die.