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    Where to See the Real Living Dead

    Everyone knows forests are alive, but Suzanne Simard, who studies complex, symbiotic networks, helps us see that life anew. Even dying, for a tree, is not what it seems.Photograph by Tomasz Wrzesien / Shutterstock Talk of “Mother Trees,” from a scientist studying plant life, can sound fanciful, like something out of a fairy tale. Suzanne […]

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    Doc Holliday Is Dead But Tuberculosis Is Still Killing Us

    In 2002, David M. Morens, now Senior Scientific Advisor at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, wrote an essay called “At the Deathbed of Consumptive Art.” It featured a photograph he took of Robert Louis Stevenson’s resting place atop Mount Vaea on Upolu, an island in Western Samoa. In 1894, at 44, Stevenson, […]

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    As Winters Shrink, Our Discontent Grows

    Our sense of order is disappearing with the snow packs.

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    The Simple Dutch Cure for Stress

    “Uitwaaien” is a popular activity around Amsterdam—one believed to have important psychological benefits.Photograph by John Loo / Flickr Recently I was in San Francisco, a city known for its tech companies, steep hills, and fierce winds. Each day I’d run around the neighborhood and up through the park, ending with a spectacular view of the […]

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    The Psychology of Greta Thunberg’s Climate Activism

    Identifying the ingredients of an effective argument.

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    We Need to Talk About Peat

    Earth’s great storehouses of carbon are looking ominous.