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    Why We Love to Be Grossed Out

    Disgust may not be a straightforward extension of the immune system’s aversion to harmful substances, but rather “a psychological nebula, lacking definite boundaries, discrete internal structure, or a single center of gravity,” says psychologist Nina Strohminger.Photograph by Star Stock / Flickr Nina Strohminger, perhaps not unlike many fans of raunchy comedies and horror flicks, is […]

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    How Geology Can Ease Your Mind

    Take comfort that we live on a very old, durable planet.

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    Mapping Gay-Friendly Cities Through History

    A data analyst uncovers a timeless message about correlation.

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    Why Shouldn’t a Horsefly Be Named After Beyoncé?

    At best, names for species derived from celebrities and scientists become maps to hidden treasure, rewarding those who follow the trail of clues with stories of fascinating people and human history.Photograph by Ronald Woan / Flickr David Bowie and Beyoncé never shared a stage, but they share the distinction of having cleverly eponymous species names […]

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    Never Say Wolf

    How taboo language turned the wolf into a monster.

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    This Psychological Concept Could Be Shaping the Presidential Election

    Could Warren’s political fate in 2020 turn on voters who think she would make a great president choosing another candidate because they think that’s what their neighbors will do?Photograph by Maverick Pictures / Shutterstock Not too long ago, I briefly met Elizabeth Warren in a restaurant in Cambridge, near Harvard, where I’m now a postdoc […]