• Reopening

    The story is changing. The world has not reopened but there is a sense it can. In this state of hopeful limbo, things don’t look the same as they did three months ago, two weeks ago, one day ago. This mini-issue of Nautilus turns its journalistic and scientific focus on the changing view outside our […]

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    Let Game Theory Tell You When It’s Time to Go Shopping

    By using this methodology, combined with available information from Google maps to measure store size and popularity, one can model the best time to go shopping in a pandemic.Photograph by Diego Cervo / Shutterstock Now is not the time to go to the grocery store, to restock the pantry, to get fresh milk and eggs. […]

  • Kommers_HERO

    Mice on Acid

    To get a legal hallucinogen to market, rodents need to take the first trip.

  • Bazell_HERO

    No Country for Old People

    The COVID-19 death rate in Sweden has exposed worldwide bias against the elderly.

  • Walsh_HERO2

    Young and Healthy and Waiting to Get Cancer

    The hardest part of living with the BRCA1 gene.

  • Stewart-Williams_HERO

    Evolution Is the Greatest Show on Earth

    These videos are a gateway drug to science.

  • Bram_HERO

    A Vision of Our Post-Lockdown Future

    China’s health codes allow people to resume their lives with confidence. At what cost?

  • Yeh_HERO

    Welcome Back, Animals!

    It’s time to consider how we can have more animals in our daily lives in the city.

  • Cahan_HERO

    The Health Clinic Crisis on Main Street

    Community health centers, a lifeline for Americans, are in critical condition.