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    Why America Is Ripe for Election Conspiracy Theorizing

    One day in 1787, Benjamin Franklin emerged from the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, where the founders were debating the shape of a new government. He was confronted by Elizabeth Willing Powel, a society figure and wife of the Philadelphia mayor. “Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?” she asked. “A republic,” Franklin […]
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    Why Your Brain’s Sense of Time Is So Elastic

    Our sense of time may be the scaffolding for all of our experience and behavior, but it is an unsteady and subjective one, expanding and contracting like an accordion. Emotions, music, events in our surroundings and shifts in our attention all have the power to speed time up for us or slow it down. When […]
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    Why We Judge People Based on Their Relatives

    Imagine you’ve moved into a new neighborhood. You and your new neighbor, Jack, quickly build a friendly rapport and, after a couple weeks, you give him a set of keys, in case of emergency. One day, returning his hammer you borrowed, you see a young guy stumbling out of Jack’s front door, a laptop in […]
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    What You Can Learn from Living in Antarctica

    Wisdom from the end of the Earth.
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    Are We Wired to Be Outside?

    A neuroscientist searches for the roots of feeling innately connected to nature.