• Adger_HERO

    Never Say Wolf

    How taboo language turned the wolf into a monster.

  • Berger_HERO

    Talking Is Throwing Fictional Worlds at One Another

    A linguist exposes the inner truths about language.

  • Adger_HERO

    This Simple Structure Unites All Human Languages

    Language builds meaning through self-similarity.

  • King_HERO

    The Communication We Share with Apes

    Hand gestures signal the emergence of human language.

  • McCarthy_HERO-7

    Cormac McCarthy Returns to the Kekulé Problem

    Answers to questions and questions that cannot be answered.

  • Sedivy_HERO-1

    The Rise and Fall of the English Sentence

    The surprising forces influencing the complexity of the language we speak and write.

  • Sedivy_HERO-3

    A Linguist Responds to Cormac McCarthy

    If language began as a virus, here’s how it spread.

  • Sedivy-HERO

    Why Doesn’t Ancient Fiction Talk About Feelings?

    Literature’s evolution has reflected and spurred the growing complexity of society.

  • McCarthy_HERO-1

    The Kekulé Problem

    Where did language come from?

  • Sedivy_HERO

    Is the Chinese Language a Superstition Machine?

    How ambiguity in language can create unique taboos.