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    You Want to See My Data? I Thought We Were Friends!

    Stuart Ritchie is a Lecturer in the Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry Centre at King’s College London. His new book, Science Fictions: How Fraud, Bias, Negligence and Hype Undermine the Search for Truth, explains the ideas in this comic, by Zach Weinersmith, in more detail, telling shocking stories of scientific error and misconduct. It also proposes […]

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    Galileo the Science Publicist

    Scientists putting their lives on the line can take heart from a great astronomer.

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    How Science Trumps Denial

    Scientists putting their career and health on the line can take heart from Galileo.

  • OConnor_HERO

    Why False Claims About COVID-19 Refuse to Die

    Tracking the information zombie apocalypse.

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    How Geology Can Ease Your Mind

    Take comfort that we live on a very old, durable planet.

  • Rees_HERO

    Lessons for a Young Scientist

    A masterclass on what science needs now.