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    Welcome to Gorongosa National Park

    In a new series, Nautilus puts a spotlight on Gorongosa National Park, a model for biodiversity restoration.

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    Nautilus Joins Forces with Discover and Astronomy

    You may not know it, but Nautilus and Discover go way back. Our features editor, Kevin Berger, came to us from Discover Magazine. So did our long-time (now former) blog editor, Amos Zeeberg. Discover editors have written and guest-edited for us, and we’ve been regular consumers of Discover’s great features and blog content since we […]

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    A Letter from the Publisher of Nautilus

    My name is John Steele. I am the publisher and editorial director of Nautilus. Yesterday an open letter was posted on the National Writers Union website, signed by 19 freelance writers. It stated some writers and editors are “awaiting payment from Nautilus magazine for a collective debt totaling $50,000. Some of us have been waiting […]

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    Sean B. Carroll, PhD

    Vice President for Science Education, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

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    Spark of Science: France A. Cordova

    The director of the National Science Foundation on what brought her back to science.

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    Spark of Science: Sean B. Carroll

    One biologist’s love for science got kickstarted by snakes.

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    Spark of Science: Childhood Discovery

    Kirk Johnson’s mom gave him 5 minutes at a rest stop. It was enough to find an arrowhead.

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    The Man Who Would Tame Cancer

    Patrick Soon-Shiong is opening a new front in the war on the deadly disease.

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    How To Price a Forest, and Other Economics Problems

    A Cambridge economist discusses wealth, health, and disaster.

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    The Man Who Delayed D-Day

    The eminent oceanographer Walter Munk reflects on science and war.