Lina Zeldovich

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    Can Cancer Be Treated by Changing Its Cells?

    Tumors grow when cells lose their biological identity. A promising therapeutic might restore their sense of self.

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    Why AI Needs a Genome

    AI could learn and adapt like humans with algorithms that work like genes.

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    Triggering the Body’s Defenses to Fight Cancer

    Experiments once considered crazy are now helping scientists attack tumors.

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    The Rise of RNA Therapeutics

    DNA mutations are hard to fix. Scientists are trying another approach.

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    How to Outwit Evolution

    We can defeat superbugs by staying one step ahead of them.

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    The Cancer Custodians

    To beat our worst enemy, we must first let it grow.

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    The Doctor Will Sniff You Now

    Step aside, Dr. House, Deep Nose will one day be the best diagnostician in medicine.