Zach Zorich

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    Can Life Ever Be Perfectly Adapted to Its Environment?

    Can an organism ever become perfectly evolved? In Richard Lenski’s lab at Michigan State University, scientists are trying to see if that’s possible. The idea grew out of the lab’s Long-Term Evolution Experiment, started in 1988, with Escherichia coli; in 2010, they celebrated 50,000 generations (500 occur every 75 days). The lab has 12 populations […]

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    If the World Began Again, Would Life as We Know It Exist?

    Experiments in evolution are exploring what would happen if we rewound the tape of life.

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    Early Humans Made Animated Art

    How Paleolithic artists used fire to set the world’s oldest art in motion.

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    Bacteria Love Lasered Jell-O

    How artificial homes for pathogens may lead to better medicine.