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    Dark Matter Gets a Reprieve in New Analysis

    Reprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine’s Abstractions blog.The galactic center shines too brightly, like the glow of a metropolis at night where maps show only a town. To mend their cosmic cartography, astrophysicists have spent years debating what could be powering this excess of energetic light. In 2015 the arguments appeared to swing decisively in […]
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    Dark Matter May Be Trapped in All the Black Holes

    When, on February the 11th, 2016, the spokesperson for the Advanced Laser Interferometric Gravitational Wave Observer, or aLIGO, for short, announced the discovery of gravitational waves, I was stunned. For sure, we expected aLIGO to, at some point, give us something interesting, but we thought it would be tentative. We expected that the project would, […]
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    Does Dark Matter Harbor Life?

    An invisible civilization could be living right under your nose.
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    Can Dark Energy Kill Galaxies?

    The surprising importance of a dark-energy selection effect.
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    7 Major Experiments That Still Haven’t Found What They’re Looking For

    Being an experimental scientist can sometimes seem like a thankless task. You may be used to reading headlines about experiments that end up making great discoveries, but less is heard about the (often heroic) efforts of experimentalists that have yet to detect or observe what they set out to. Some of these efforts have spanned […]
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    Why We Love to Anthropomorphize Physics

    Family Physics” may be the best episode of Public Radio’s long running show, This American Life. Its premise was simple. Import key concepts from the realms of quantum mechanics and cosmology and use them to illuminate the everyday world of parents, kids, and their interactions. Introducing the show, however, host Ira Glass was quick to […]

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    The Best Evidence for Dark Matter & the Uncertainty Therein

     If I told you that I was 99.81 percent certain I had made a big discovery, you might suggest it was time to break out the champagne. If I said the discovery resolved one of the biggest outstanding problems in science and would probably let me punch a ticket to Stockholm to pick up a […]

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    Roadmap to Alpha Centauri

    Pick your favorite travel mode—big, small, light, dark, or twisted.