• gravity probe housing_HERO

    The Most Symmetrical Objects in the World

    If you’ve ever tried to give yourself a haircut, you know just how hard it is to make something precisely symmetrical. We value symmetry so highly in part because it’s really hard to achieve.  Here are five of the most symmetrical objects humans have ever crafted, and why they were so hard to make. Strikingly […]

  • Ingenious_MILLER_HERO

    Ingenious: Richard K. Miller

    Engineering education.

  • Bang_Breaker1

    Humanity’s Most Problematic Attempts to Get All the Water

    Survival shows are running amok. The contestants are naked; they’re two out-of-shape guys in the woods; they’re stuck on an island. Despite differences in attire or setting, one thing remains constant: For every survivor, finding potable water is the first order of business. But the challenge doesn’t end there: First they find water; then they […]

  • Belly landing B-17

    The Tricks Used by Pilots, Surgeons & Engineers to Overcome Human Error

    When Germanwings Flight 4U9525 crashed into the French Alps in March it did not take investigators long to determine the likely reason: Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz had allegedly been suffering from depression and may have crashed the plane as a means to commit suicide, taking hundreds of people along with him. But that doesn’t tell the […]

  • Bang_HERO-1

    Meet the 17-Year-Old, Award-Winning, Rube Goldberg Parts Manufacturer

    Tommy George and the Agents of SHIELD shot a Nerf ball and erased a whiteboard.

  • Kent_HERO2

    How a Snowflake Turns Into an Avalanche

    Meet the avalanche engineers of the Subzero Laboratory.

  • placeholder

    A Material So Dark That It Looks Like a Black Hole

    Even when applied to a highly reflective surface like aluminum foil, Vantablack renders the entire surface, including creases, all but invisible.Surrey Nanosystems via Wikipedia Color is such a powerful and evocative sensation—one of the first that we learn to describe as children—that we don’t often think about what it really is. In a sense, color […]

  • Graber_HERO

    This Iconoclast Injected Life Into Artificial Body Parts

    Laura Niklason recognized that synthetic organs can't grow without mechanical stress.

  • Anthes_HERO_1

    Animals Bow to Their Mechanical Overlords

    Robots are infiltrating insect, fish, and bird communities—and seizing control.

  • Rolfe Horn

    Living in the Long: Art & Engineering Peers Into Our Future

    When was the last time you awoke right at the first peak of day? Or put away your work simply because night was falling? We are less and less tied to rhythms of natural time, living instead in the glow of computers and smartphone screens. Our days and nights roll by, marked as much by […]