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    Welcome to the Unpredictable Era of Editing Human Embryos

    Headlines and apocalyptic notions about designer babies proliferated last month after Chinese scientists published the results of a curious set of experiments on human embryos. The researchers were looking to understand whether gene-editing technology could correct, before birth, a malformed gene that can cause a potentially devastating blood disease. They found that the method introduced new […]

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    Why Our Genome and Technology Are Both Riddled With “Crawling Horrors”

    “Add little to little and there will be a big pile.” —Ovid When we build complex technologies, despite our best efforts and our desire for clean logic, they often end up being far messier than we intend. They often end up kluges: inelegant solutions that work just well enough. And a reason they end up being […]

  • McD_HERO

    For Preventing Disease, Data Are the New Drugs

    Is giving up your biological secrets too bitter a pill?

  • 002_Duncan_HERO

    My Family’s Decade in Genetic Limbo

    Personal DNA testing may yet deliver on its promise.

  • 01_Carey_Genetics_HERO

    The Genome in Turmoil

    Hope your week went well. It might have changed your genetics.