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    Are Healthcare Metrics Hurting Healthcare?

    Performance metrics are supposed to financially incentivize hospitals to improve the healthcare system. And this is exactly where the trouble starts. The list of misapplied performance metrics could go on and on.Photograph by Luis Molinero / Shutterstock In 1975, the British economist Charles Goodhart pointed out that when a measure becomes a target, it ceases […]
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    How Slow Responses Made the Ebola Outbreak So Deadly

    As a rule, huge organizations move sluggishly, bogged down in democratic decision-making processes and bureaucratic policies. Ebola, on the other hand, moves fast. People become desperately sick and contagious within a few weeks of infection. By the time international agencies effectively responded to the ongoing Ebola outbreak, it had spiraled out of control in West […]
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    3 Graphs That Help Show Why Ebola Goes Viral or Dies Out

    Fighting Ebola requires lots of equipment and personnel.Morgana Wingard, USAID     Nautilus Members enjoy an ad-free experience. Log in or Join now . In September 1854, 600 residents of London’s Golden Square died from an infamous outbreak of cholera. It was no coincidence that this occurred in one of London’s poorest neighborhoods. We now know […]