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  • SPARK-Cordova_HERO

    Spark of Science: France A. Cordova

    The director of the National Science Foundation on what brought her back to science.

  • Spark_Carroll_HERO4

    Spark of Science: Sean B. Carroll

    One biologist’s love for science got kickstarted by snakes.

  • Steele_HERO-2

    The Man Who Would Tame Cancer

    Patrick Soon-Shiong is opening a new front in the war on the deadly disease.

  • HERO_Ochendorf

    Ingenious: John Ochsendorf

    Meet the architectural rebel who champions ancient engineers.

  • Munk_HERO

    The Man Who Delayed D-Day

    The eminent oceanographer Walter Munk reflects on science and war.

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    The Father of Inflation Clears Up a Big Misunderstanding

    Last week researchers working on the BICEP2 experiment in Antarctica announced that they’d seen solid evidence of gravitational waves that emerged very early in the Universe’s history. This discovery lent support to inflation, a theory of cosmology long popular among physicists but still lacking in direct proof. (To learn more about the recent discovery and […]

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    Where Did Time Come From, and Why Does It Seem to Flow?

    ASU Paul Davies has a lot on his mind—or perhaps more accurate to say in his mind. A physicist at Arizona State University, he does research on a wide range of topics, from the abstract fields of theoretical physics and cosmology to the more concrete realm of astrobiology, the study of life in places beyond […]

  • Kaltenegger_Ingenius_HERO_1280x376

    Ingenious: Lisa Kaltenegger

    Stories about a life spent searching for life among the stars.

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    Will We Reverse-Engineer the Human Brain Within 50 Years?

    Gary Marcus can’t understand why people are shocked when he calls the brain a computer. The 43-year-old professor of psychology at New York University, author of Kluge, about the haphazard evolution of the brain, and a leading researcher in how children acquire language, grins and says it’s a generational thing. “I know there’s a philosophical school of […]

  • Deutsch_HERO_1280x376

    Ingenious: David Deutsch

    The truth will set us free, so long as we remember to challenge it.