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  •  Ed_HERO

    Michio Kaku Explains Consciousness for You

    The gregarious physicist gets inside our brains.

  • Osta_HERO

    Should Science Save Modern Art?

    Keeping Father Time at bay is more than a question of chemistry.

  • duoQA_HERO

    Science Gets Down With Miles Davis and Bernini

    Analyzing music and sculpture in the digital age.

  • Carbon Fated lead image

    Carbon Fated: We’re Built This Way for a Reason

    In each issue of Nautilus, we shine a spotlight on one “Ingenious” scientist whose work makes us reconsider our world and ourselves. The Ingenious for our first issue, “What Makes You So Special,” is Columbia University astrophysicist Caleb Scharf, who contributed an essay about our place in the universe and talked about his life and […]

  • frankensteins_cat_733x550.jpg

    Dr. Frankenstein Needs His Own Hippocratic Oath

    In the next war, instead of a soldier going on a reconnaissance mission into enemy territory, consider this possibility: a cloud of “micro air vehicles,” flying cyborgs, with built-in cameras and microphones, that could be guided by remote control. What military commander wouldn’t want that? DARPA, the research wing of the Department of Defense, has […]