• The Beloved Mesolithic Girl

    As a new mother, an anthropologist makes a moving discovery at an infant’s burial site.

  • Marchant_HERO

    An Ancient Site with Human Skulls on Display

    Where our ancestors began to elevate themselves above nature.

  • Hodgkins_HERO

    Why Symbols Aren’t Forever

    The removal of cultural emblems is not the erasure of history but part of it.

  • Fagan_HERO

    The City at the Center of the Cosmos

    Robots and lasers are uncovering an ancient, sacred geography.

  • Boyd_HERO

    Gold Mining for Profit and Paleontology

    How the Gold Rush and Fossil Rush came together.

  • Von_Petzinger-HERO-2

    The Modern Mind May Be 100,000 Years Old

    New fossil evidence shows sophisticated thought began earlier than we thought.

  • Neilson_HERO2

    Through Fortitude or Stupidity, Lee Berger Is Rewriting Human History

    The paleoanthropologist makes no apologies for going his own way.

  • Neilson_HERO2

    The Man Who Used Facebook to Find an Extinct Human Species

    Lee Berger has a knack for finding fossils his own way.

  • French_HERO

    The Curious Case of the Bog Bodies

    Why do so many corpses found in Europe’s peat bogs show signs of violent death?

  • disposal canister

    Can Remnants of Ancient Life Show Us How to Live Wisely Into the Future?

    At long-term nuclear repositories in Finland and Sweden, waste will be ensconced in cast-iron inserts (right), which are then placed in copper canisters (left).Posiva Oy This is part 2 of Vincent Ialenti’s report on how how to think about nuclear waste in the environment over the very long term. Also see part 1, which ran […]