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    Neuroscience Weighs in on Physics’ Biggest Questions

    A theory of consciousness can help build a theory of everything.

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    Build Your Own Artificial Neural Network. It’s Easy!

    The first artificial neural networks weren’t abstractions inside a computer, but actual physical systems made of whirring motors and big bundles of wire. Here I’ll describe how you can build one for yourself using SnapCircuits, a kid’s electronics kit. I’ll also muse about how to build a network that works optically using a webcam. And […]

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    The Forest Spirits of Today Are Computers

    We’ve made an artificially panpsychic world, where technology and nature are one.

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    What Happens to Google Maps When Tectonic Plates Move?

    Earth’s tremors can tweak your GPS coordinates.

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    A Hologram Shows How Space Could Pop Into Existence

    The holographic principle—with a real hologram.

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    Yes, Determinists, There Is Free Will

    You make choices even if your atoms don’t.

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    How the Universe Remembers Information

    A “memory matrix” might solve Stephen Hawking’s black-hole paradox.

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    A Theory of Consciousness Can Help Build a Theory of Everything

    Neuroscience is weighing in on physics’ biggest questions.

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    The Noise at the Bottom of the Universe

    The origin of quantum noise is the modern incarnation of a millennia-old debate.