• Levin_HERO

    How to Learn to Love Your Doppelganger

    Hallucinating yourself can be both a symptom and a tool.

  • Tsui_HERO-2

    James Doty’s Helper’s High

    He gave away his last $30 million and felt free—a case study in altruism.

  • Maguelijo_HERO

    The Disappearing Physicist and His Elusive Particle

    He ushered symmetry into theoretical physics, then vanished without a trace.

  • Mhrvold_HERO-2

    Want to Get Out Alive? Follow the Ants

    Ants show that emergency exits can work better when they’re obstructed.

  • Kaiser_HERO

    The Sacred, Spherical Cows of Physics

    Theoretical physics milks symmetry to power its newest tool.

  • Klarreich_HERO

    Math Shall Set You Free—From Envy

    How to do divorce, divestment, and death properly.

  • Barrs_HERO

    Impossible Cookware and Other Triumphs of the Penrose Tile

    Infinite patterns that never repeat have moved from fantasy to reality.

  • Conley_HERO

    Stress Gives You Daughters, Sons Make You Liberal

    We affect our children’s gender, and it affects us back.