•  Hoeve_HERO

    Fantastic Beasts Brought to Life by the Wind

    An artist’s moving tribute to nature’s powerful resource.

  • Berger_HERO

    Who Said Science and Art Were Two Cultures?

    Revisiting C.P. Snow’s infamous thesis.

  • Miller_HERO

    This NFT Painting Is a Work of Art

    Machines are the new descendants of Picasso.

  •  Murch_HERO-3

    The Natural Harmony of Faces

    How the golden ratio might contribute to cinema’s hold on us.

  • Berger_HERO

    I Am Not a Machine. Yes You Are.

    Debating the impact of machine-created art.

  • Miller_HERO

    Best Screenplay Goes to the Algorithms

    Learning to appreciate the future of literature.

  • Berger_HERO

    Gustav Klimt in the Brain Lab

    What is neuroscience doing to art?

  • Cemin_HERO

    The Rhythm of Sculpture

    How science has informed one sculptor’s view of time.

  •  Phillips_HERO

    The Spacetime of Fine Art

    For the painter Matthew Phillips, past, present, and future meet at the tip of a brush.

  • Aharoni_HERO_FINAL

    Making Time Machines From Taxi Meters

    A sculptor explains how his art upends time.