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    The Dark Side of Smart

    Intelligence is associated with coming up with more convincing bullshit and with being a better liar, but not associated with a better ability to recognize one’s own bias.Photograph by ArTono / Shutterstock Manipulative communication surrounds us. With misinformation and disinformation about the pandemic, “cheap” and “deep” fakes of elected officials, and targeted ads and emotionally […]
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    Believing in Monsters: David Livingstone Smith on the Subhuman

    The Nazis called Jews rats and lice. White plantation owners called their Black slaves soulless animals. Pundits in Myanmar call Rohingya Muslims beasts, dogs, and maggots. Dehumanizing talk abounds in racist rhetoric worldwide.What do people believe, typically, when they speak this way? Nautilus Members enjoy an ad-free experience. Log in or Join now . The […]
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    Welcome to the Next Level of Bullshit

    The language algorithm GPT-3 continues our descent into a post-truth world.
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    The Universe Knows Right from Wrong

    A proponent of panpsychism argues moral truth is inherent in consciousness.
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    Your Guide to the Many Meanings of Quantum Mechanics

    The question “What is real?” is inescapable if you study quantum mechanics.Photo illustration by Nikk / Flickr Quantum mechanics is more than a century old, but physicists still fight over what it means. Most of the hand wringing and knuckle cracking in their debates goes back to an assumption known as “realism.” This is the […]