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  • Steinhardt blog

    Is Our Universe a One-Off Fluke, or an Endless Cycle?

    Paul Steinhardt is torn. On the one hand, he has been working on and contributing to the theory of inflation for decades. On the other hand, he thinks it may very well be wrong.Inflation describes the early universe going through an unimaginably rapid expansion in its infancy, from the size of an atomic nucleus to […]

  • ICESCAPE pond

    Intemperate Planet: How Natural Systems Magnify the Effects of Global Warming

    As Arctic ice warms and forms dark melt ponds, it absorbs more sunlight, accelerating global warming.Kathryn Hansen, ICESCAPE mission, NASA Besides a few lucky astronauts, the entire human experience is contained within a narrow envelope of gas maintained in a relatively narrow temperature range on a single rock hurtling through the vacuum of space. That […]

  • Dianthidium floridiense

    Forget the Ordinary Honeybee; Look at the Beautiful Bees They’re Crowding Out

    All of the images in this post are borrowed from the amazing Flickr feed of the USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab.Any day now, the apple trees on my deck will bloom, bringing with them the first honeybees of spring. It’s a moment I’ll greet with mixed feelings. To which bee-lovers everywhere may respond: How […]

  • Weatherall_HERO-1

    Why the Flash Crash Really Matters

    The debate about what caused the 2010 stock market Flash Crash is missing the point.

  • Zeldovich_HERO-3B

    The Man Who Drank Cholera and Launched the Yogurt Craze

    Ilya Metchnikoff laid the foundation for modern probiotics.

  • 31_Tinna-therapy-HERO

    What Happens When You Can’t Talk to Yourself?

    Phillips participates in an aphasia communication workshop in Speechless, a documentary by Guillermo F. Flórez that profiles people with the condition.Guillermo F. Flórez What would you do if you lost your inner monologue? You know, the one where you tell yourself “I don’t want to get up yet,” or “This is one delicious burger.” That’s […]